Welcome to the Suspended Coffees temporary site.  The website is under construction so we’ll be using this blog to keep everyone updated.  Please feel free to mail us your suspended coffee stories or your participating cafe to suspendedcoffee@yahoo.ie.


3 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. ilovenelsonlancashire Says:

    These are the participating businesses in Nelson, Lancashire, UK
    They have all been organised by me and the scheme is in full swing with people giving and receiving from all businesses so far.

    For drinks and/or food

    Appetite, The Kiosk, 1a Cross Street, Nelson, BB9 7EN

    Bombay Lounge Indian Restaurant, 117b Gisburn Road, Barrowford, Nelson, BB9 6EW

    Café Express, 14-16 Market Square, Nelson, BB9 7LP

    Chocstop, Pendle Rise Shopping Centre, Leeds Road, Nelson, BB9 9SL

    Jack’s Café, Leeds Road, 9 Leeds Road, Nelson, BB9 9SZ

    Market Street Chippy, 3 Prospect Buildings, Cross Street, Nelson, BB9 7NS

    Relish Sandwiches, 5 Market Street, Nelson, BB9 7LJ

    Toast of the Town, 14 Manchester Road, Nelson, BB9 7EG

    For free eye tests and treatment

    Eye Care Optical, 10 Manchester Road, Nelson, BB9 7EG

    • how do they keep track of the suspended coffees?

      • It varies from outlet to outlet Chris.
        It is up to them how they administer it. These are very small businesses so it is usually something simple like a list on a piece of paper so that staff can keep track.
        If someone comes in asking for a suspended coffee and they don’t have any credit, I have personally offered to pay for it, so there is no need for a visible means of showing what is available.
        I have heard of other businesses doing pebbles in a jar, blue for coffee, green for food, or keys on a hook or marbles in a jar etc. Make it fit in with the image you want your business to project.

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