Participating Cafes – Americas

This is a work in progress and ever growing list. If you are a Suspended Coffee supporting cafe, please submit your info and we will add you to the list.

Existing supporters please print the Suspended_Coffees_Flyer or Suspended Coffee Sticker and hang it where it can be noticed.

United States

Mama D’s Coffee
104 Main Street, Wales, WI 53183
Twitter: @MamaDsCoffee
Barista’s Coffee House
110 N. Grant St.
Houston, MN 55943
(507) 896-5282
Olé Latte Coffees
1003 SW Alder Street
Portland, OR 97205
(971) 221-6318
Tripointe Coffee House
138 N. Washington Street
Papillon, NE 68046
(402) 650-6806
Broke Girls’ Coffee Bar
3562 Adams Avenue
San Diego, California 92116
(619) 546-8302
Cup of Hope
507 6th Street
Racine, Wisconsin 53403
(262) 898-1941
Beans To Brew Café
39 East Main Street
Springville, NY 14141
(716) 794-7022
I Bean Grounded
124 W. 2nd Street
Reno, NV 89501
(775) 741-7967
Aroma Coffee LLC
61 North Broadway, Peru Indiana 46970
Yellow Umbrella Coffee
18023 Highway 99, Suite A
Lynnwood, WA, Lynnwood, Washington 98037
(425) 218-7676
Espresso Joe’s
 50 West Front Street Keyport, NJ 07735
Tel 732.203.9499
Reveille Joe Coffee Co.
113 N. Maple Street
Murfeesboro, TN 37130
Coffee Bandits
309 W. Main Street
Merced, CA
Al Calderone
4475 N. Oakland Ave.
Shorewood, WI
Black Coffee Coop
501 E. Pine St.
Seattle, WA 98122
Cafe De Arts
136 E. St Paul Ave, Waukesha, WI 53188
Duran European Sandwiches Café
529 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, Il. 6064
312 666.6007
S&S Sweet Treats
38 Main Street
Torrington, CT USA
Mother Earth Sanctuary Cafe
410 Second Ave North
Lake Worth, FL  33460


Tam Tam Café
421, boulevard Langelier
Quebec City, QC G1K 3E3
(418) 523-6021 #43
E-mail: tamtam-café
Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters
96 Spadina Ave, Toronto
416 203 0023


La Cocina de Boris y Jessi
Ancha de San Antonio #35
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato 37790
+52 415-117-1151

26 Responses to “Participating Cafes – Americas”

  1. This is very sad that the United States only has 4 participating cafes, we are one of the richest countries in the world, yet the majority of our citizens are struggling to make ends meet. We still find enough to help others. How can we get more started out here.

    • Laurenelyse Says:

      Will McDonald’s( and other larger chains) get involved? I think this would be wonderful if they did…I mean who doesn’t enjoy McDonald’s coffee. Everyone is familiar with this restaurant. Just about every city/town has one (or two)..and it’s affordable!

  2. Judy Coffee Says:

    I cannot believe there is not one Starbucks participating. Seattle is known for their coffee stands. Unbelievable. I live in a small suburb of Seattle (very small) and there are two Starbucks here. Plus numerous independent latte stands… Not one of which are participating. Sad.

    • I was thinking the same thing, Im from Seattle and now live in Boston. Im going to ask a few cafes if they will participate here. Starbucks should be onboard! There is homelessness everywhere

    • I agree!

    • I totally agree with you, Judy Coffee ~~ it is ridiculous that no Starbucks have “stood up” on this one!!! I also was shocked at the very few shops shown in the US ~~ granted it’s hard times on all but a few bucks here and there never hurt anyone ~ if you are financially not able to feed your kids, that’s different ~~

  3. Broke Girls Coffee Bar in San Diego supports Suspended Coffees..

  4. Krista, United States Says:

    Only four…and none near me? I’m going to visit local shops and tell them about this. Maybe I can get it started here in town….I mean, its not like the business would lose any money by doing it.

  5. Our café has been supporting Suspended Coffees since May 2013. Keep up the great work folks!

  6. Jack A Easterhouse Says:

    I would love to buy coffee at a suspended coffee house. I live in Warren, MI and need to findone. Any help with this>

    • Kaylee Spears Says:

      I live in MI too, specifically Flint. I’ve been asking around, but the only response I get is “How do we keep track?”
      There is so much homelessness in the world, and especially Flint too, it seems. I just wish more big businesses would hop on board and get with the Suspended Coffees program.

  7. I live in New Jersey. I guess I could start a coffee shop to participate. I’ll research it. I’d rather it be they’d get sandwiches for people, though, instead of coffee.

  8. Claudette, Nevada USA Says:

    If there are only 4 cafe’s that support this effort then we all need to put out the flyer/sticker & help contact cafe’s, etc to get their participation & help.

  9. Aroma Coffee Shop in Peru, Indiana is also participating and they have been since about March.
    Aroma Coffee LLC
    61 North Broadway, Peru Indiana 46970

  10. I agree, there are not enough participating. Why don’t we all take the time to approach the owner/managers of our local places and let them know that this exists?

  11. We need some in MI. I live in Monroe.

  12. Barb marsh. Glendale Arizona Says:

    I live in Arizona and am very disappointed that there is not one in the entire state. I am going to try to get some participation. Great mission.

  13. Sharon Kreiter Says:

    that’s all there are? I would like to see a list displayed by state, thank you.

  14. If there isn’t a participating cafe in your area, get out there and ask! Print the flyer, take them around and talk to people in the places you would like to see participating. I asked a Subway and a Starbucks to do it. So far it doesn’t look like they have joined, but there are hundreds of places to ask.


  16. I have asked every coffee shop I go to about it, giving them the link here.

  17. […] Recently, a movement emerged to revive and spread the tradition – even here in the U.S. Curious if your local stop has joined the bandwagon? Look for the image above, or check out this list: […]

  18. It does sound good, but logistically it needs some thought before a company will buy in. How will they settle each day’ s till? Do they use like a tip jar? How do people know they can get free coffee there (besides stickers)? Is there some cash register program/addition that tracks this? Apologies for the tedium, but it might help to bring this info to the places you ask (and I would like to know these things myself if anyone has the answers).

  19. Heather Reese Says:

    Starbucks may not participate specifically but they have always been one that would give me a cup of coffee, even if I didn’t have quite enough money on me, without question. Now, it was because i didn’t have my wallet on me or just had some change in my pocket but it’s happened more than once. I’m guessing Dutch Bros would jump on it in a heartbeat, if they don’t already do it!

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